Volunteer Vacation

Ebeneza Maasai Children Center Volunteer Vacation is your perfect way to explore the world in a meaningful way especially the Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania.

1.Children care at the orphanage

You'll be given help and direction from the staff, but your work load will depend on you and what you put in to it. Your work as a volunteer may include:

- Preparing food for the children and helping them eat.
- General cleaning, washing dishes, etc.
- Helping the permanent staff care for the children
- Occasionally taking the children to the hospital for immunization, treatment ect.
- Bathing the children and washing their clothes
- Organization and facilitating games and plays for the children
- Working with the babies - helping to change them, and bath them and
- Volunteer with us you can changes somebody life;

2.Teaching English at School

Ebeneza Maasai Children centre do have its primary own school

Main mission:

To improve the children’s English is the main mission in this school along with of course other subjects and social skills. Help the children achieve there future dreams!

Volunteer job description :

.Teach the children in grades 1 – 2
.Spend time with the nursery children
.Volunteers can help teach the children basics, like the alphabet and numbers
. Colouring and other games.
.Helping the children to learn to read and write English
.Drawing, painting, music and singing!
.General cleaning of the property and boarding dormitory.

Working hours: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm Mon - Fri


Short Term: 2 weeks – 12 weeks
Long Term: 4 months – 1 year

Hosting Situation The accommodation is at host family, private or shared rooms with other volunteers and bathroom. Meals are provided 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Volunteers can walk or ride a bike to the project.

What you can bring with? Volunteers can bring skipping ropes, balls, sport stuff, stationaries, books, pens, pencils, arts and craft supplies. Volunteers can also bring computers, calculators, clothes and shoes.

Available dates: Through out the year

3.Medical Volunteer

• You will a assist at the orphanage to teach children about a healthy diet, dental hygiene, first aid, HIV and aids awareness, possibly participate in the treatment for minor injuries/wounds and/or maintain records of treated.

4.Construction and Renovation

Ebeneza Maasai Children centre have on going School construction

The Construction and Renovation project offers volunteers the special opportunity to work alongside local people and constructor to help improve the infrastructure in small, rural communities. This project focuses on the construction and renovation of children's school,homes, clinics, community centers, toilet facilities and schools. Volunteers also have the opportunity to meet chiefs and community elders, and learn about the various cultures of the different communities through music and dance. Volunteers work closely with the local people and staff on tasks which include

-brick laying,
- plastering,
-block shaping,
- carpentry,
- steel bending,
-mortar mixing, etc. If you’re a keen outdoors person with a good level of fitness, this will be a perfect project for you. Please note, projects and volunteer roles will vary from community to community. Volunteers should bring gloves, flash light, light weight scarf for sun protection or hat, insect repellent, working boots and water bottle.

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