Planning for the Future

The first seven years of (EMCC):

Ebeneza Maasai Children Center (2012–2018) was a period of huge growth and rapid change. In the Five next years (2020–2024) EMCC will be evolving, consolidate and continuously improving.

It will be enrolling up to 25 students each year, from Nursery to Class VII, within the campus. It will employ over 3 local staff, It will be predominantly run by Tanzanians, and will provide boarding for up to 25 new students each year.

We are functioning towards:

Becoming a Centre of Excellence for teaching and learning at primary, secondary levels and college, and will be helping its graduates to realise their aspirations. Graduates from Osotwa School will be respectful, responsible, honest and kind citizens, gainfully employed, capable of trustworthy leadership in their communities and at the national level, and will be giving back to the school and their communities.

Osotwa School:

Will act as a model for opposing poverty, early marriage and all means of discrimination through education, and will be contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning across Ngorongoro District to its neighborhoods.

Our goals to achieve for the next five years


Promote Osotwa Primary School within Ebeneza Maasai Children Center as a Centre of Excellence for pre and primary education.


Expand the school support base beyond Individual support and beyond sponsorship

support system

Establish a support system for Osotwa graduates to pursue post-primary learning.


Facilitate and assist improvements in teaching and learning at Osotwa Primary School and in Ngorongoro district at large


Complete the building, curriculum, staffing and student intake needs for Pre and Primary School


Establish efficient, effective and transparent management structures and processes.

Strategic plan for Ebeneza Maasai children Center in 5 years

  • To establish a SECONDARY SCHOOL that will accommodate our primary students in January 2025.
  • To organize ACTIVITIES AND DUTIES to our first class seven students who will complete primary education in September 2020
  • To organize a sustainable COMMUNITY WORK for our students after primary and secondary education
  • To COORDINATE the students who are allocated to different secondary schools after their Primary education in 2020
  • To establish VET INSTITUTE outside Ngorongoro Conservation area to accommodate students who will be eager to go for different trainings, however, at the present we will try to allocate our students to VETA colleges in the country to acquire entrepreneurship skills.