The vision and mission of the Ebeneza charity center and Osotwa School

Were developed by the founder Rev Pastor Jackson Kipuyo himself from the beginning and this how things work. These missions have been put him into hard working during day and night thinking about how he can bring everything to work for the children to enjoy the presence and gestures today and in future.

After managed to run the center for serving orphans and children living in hardship environment, I realized that we need to do something for the future life of these children. At the moment our children receive nutritious food, social life, cloths, shelter and others alike and they feel comfortable being at the center enjoying their life. I decided to establish a school (Osotwa Primary school). The genesis of Osotwa School is passion.

In maasai language Osotwa means Passion. The passion I have to the children has made me establish this school for these children to get right to education and not a privilege. Thereafter our children started to receive quality free education from Osotwa primary school. Through the best teaching and learning our pupils became the best in academic performance and the results in different levels can appreciate their incredible performance in academics. This is another big alert for the future of our children.

The big task we have is to think and act upon

The activities suitable for our students to do after their primary education next year.

We are working very hard to make sure that our students receive secondary education, professional knowledge and skills through vocational Educational Training. This is one of the strategic plan which Rev Pastor Jackson Kipuyo still working on and he would like to welcome your support to his foundations.

Children are learning and receive free education at Osotwa Primary school however we have to think and act on ways we can develop the talents so that they will be able to go back and support their families and communities. We have a plan to establish a possible secondary school and a college outside Ngorongoro Conservation.

The secondary and college will be established outside the conservation due the rules and regulations of the conservation. Ngorongoro conservation is the unique area and its uniqueness can’t allow us to establish more than what we have.